The 1291Group Switzerland works with clients and professionals around the world, either directly or through our sister companies if special regulatory requirements have to be met (e.g. Europe via 1291Group Europe or the U.S. and Latin America via 1291Group of the Americas).

Many investors may be unsure of the best way to benefit from international strategies. We work with each client or their advisors to find a compliant, secure and robust solution that is the most effective for each situation.

For professionals, we are very open to collaborating with financial advisors including estate planners, lawyers, CPAs, CFPs, bankers and asset managers to supplement domestic planning with the most beneficial international solutions using insurance or other relevant structures.

1291 Group Switzerland Ltd. counts on a global network of leading financial institutions and law firms with a rock-solid background, excellent reputation and broad experience.

Through our worldwide network, we open the door to a full range of sophisticated international financial products and structures, such as:

  • Fixed, Variable and Private Annuities and Endowments
  • Private Placement Policies
  • Premium financed Universal Life Insurance
  • International Pension Plans and Pension Administration
  • Introduction to seasoned and successful Portfolio Managers and Private Banks
  • Trusts, foundations and company incorporation

Our financial solutions and products are tested and proven. Financial professionals and investors from all over the world have benefited from our tailor-made investment solutions.